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California Voter Recommendation Guide for 2016

California Voter Recommendation Guide for Tuesday November 8, 2016 Election!

President and Vice President:

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence

United States Senator:

Mimi Walters

State Senator 37th District:

John M. W. Moorlach

Member of the State Assembly 68th District:

Steven S. Choi

51- School Bonds, Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities:

NO on 51

52- Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program:

YES on 52

54- Legislature, Legislation and Proceedings:

YES on 54

55- Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare:

NO on 55

56-Cigarette Tax (increase):

NO on 56

57-Criminal Sentences, Parole:

NO on 57

58-English Proficiency, Multilingual Education:

NO on 58

59-Corporations, Political Spending, Federal Constitutional Projections:

YES on 59

60-Adult Films. Condoms:

YES on 60

61-State Prescription Drug Purchases, Pricing Standards:

NO on 61

62-Death Penalty Initiative Statue (revoke death penalty):

NO on 62

63-Firearms, Ammunition Sales:

NO on 63

64-Marijuana Legalization:

NO on 64

65-Carryout Bags, Charges:

NO on 65

66-Death Penalty, Procedures:

YES on 66

67-Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags Referendum:

NO on 67

Friday, February 1, 2013

The New Government War On U.S. Gun Owners

Obama unilaterally signed 23 new executive orders effectively firing the opening salvo of a new federal government war on guns that affects all U.S. citizens.

Here is the Ruger Firearms free online advocacy form that makes it easy to send a letter to your political representatives:

Democrat politicians appear to have learned little from the uber-expensive war on drugs but, at least, that was a relatively moral war in comparison. This war immorally attacks our Bill of Rights only affecting otherwise law abiding citizens.

For actual criminals (not to be confused with good people bad laws have criminalized) will always have access to firearms in a nation and populace the size of ours even if they have to make them. Fully automatic firearms can be made from hardware store items. A shotgun can be made with a construction stapler and pipe. Even minors have made zip guns from old door knobs.

And though prohibition doesn't work on a non-island large land mass with a population the size of the USA (even uber-totalitarian China where statistics are greatly masked to present the PRC in the best possible light, all private ownership of firearms are strictly prohibited, and to commit a crime with a gun usually results in a swift death sentence has a serious rising gun violence problem), if it did, criminals can simply resort to other weapons or make IEDs and bombs instead.

The World Health Organization (WHO) 2012 'Inter-country Comparison of Mortality for Selected Cause of Death' European Detailed Mortality Database (DMDB) statistics show that Norway has a gun ownership rate many times that of the United Kingdom: yet Norway has a much lower gun murder rate than the United Kingdom has.

Many nations with far higher gun ownership rates have lower gun murder rates than the United Kingdom which has about the strictest gun control laws in the world and the United States doesn't list in the top ten countries by firearm-related death rate.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the state with the lowest gun murder rate in the United States is New Hampshire which has virtually no gun laws while states like Illinois have the highest gun murder rate and the toughest gun laws. See FBI Table 20 - '2011 Murder by State and Types of Weapons'

This new war on U.S. gun owners is going to cost American taxpayers plenty in a time of economic crisis. In addition to all of the expensive legal battles about to be waged, the annual cost of enforcement will be material.

Additionally, otherwise law abiding Americans are going to needlessly end up incarcerated in the now sprawling U.S. prison-industrial complex depriving the U.S. treasury of their tax revenue and forcing the remaining taxpayers to pay for their needless incarceration. The cost of this new federal government war on U.S. gun owners will be enormous both monetarily and socially if it successful.

And it will make law abiding citizens less safe. For
the reality is that the law abiding citizenry will be ill-armed while criminal perpetrators of crime continue to be well armed.

A much better solution that would cost next to nothing and not violate the U.S. Constitution would be to scale back gun control for law abiding U.S. citizens, strengthen mental health care and improve the quality of data supporting NICs (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) checks, and allow adult U.S. citizens without a criminal record to apply for licensing to carry concealed after completing rigorous training and safety certification replete with on-going continuing education and their state's (not federal) oversight. We would begin to see the number of victims drop dramatically when these tragic situations present themselves.

The author attended gun shows for years in the 1980s and 1990s. Thousands of people walked around with semi-automatic firearms and ammo. Though the author does not drink alcohol, big 32 ounce cups of cold beer were sold at these events and not a single homicide ever occurred. Obviously, a gun show is the last place a perpetrator wants to start trouble... even a deranged or drunken one.

Over 110 million Americans passed through the Boy Scouts of America which offered gun safety and training classes using live ammunition. Millions of young people were mentored and trained in the proper use of firearms with their first firearm often coming from the government M1 carbine program. We were all safer for it.

Liberals who think that strict gun control in the U.S. will end these incidents (a couple of which have the signs of false flag events) are deceiving themselves and indirectly helping to create a situation where more innocents will suffer and have already suffered even as they very un-liberally attack the Bill of Rights and create an environment where people are afraid to disclose potential psychological issues to their doctors lest their 2nd amendment rights be nullified.

A case example of this is occurring in the City of San Bernardino, CA a city of over 213,000 residents. The greed of public employee unions combined with the weakness of elected politicians, who failed to negotiate fiscally conservative contracts for their constituents, has degraded the ability of San Bernardino government to police the city to the point where the city attorney has publicly told the law abiding residents to "lock their doors and load their guns" because violent crime has spiked 50% as illegally armed criminal street gangs roam the unpoliced neighborhoods.

President Obama and anti-gun right politicians are putting the lawful residents of San Bernardino, and many other cities across the nation at greater risk, by degrading their ability to defend themselves against criminals that don't abide the law in cities undergoing serious economic crisis. The primary reason gun free zones currently have the greatest gun violence is simply because law abiding citizens are unarmed in them and the criminals can operate almost at will.

Mexico has very strict gun control laws but Mexico's National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) and National Public Safety System Executive Secretariat (SESNSP) report that Mexico has an average of 16,867 murders a year right now with 50% of them due to illegally armed criminal groups and that they increased 37% from 2006 to 2012 and continue to rise. Organizations external to the Mexican government claim the actual number may be double that. 

The 90 percent number bandied around by the press was derived from a flawed June 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to Congress on U.S. efforts to combat arms trafficking to Mexico.

There has clearly been a long and well-documented history of arms smuggling from the U.S., Central and South American countries, China which is the 2nd largest manufacturer of firearms in the world, and other countries which include South Korea, Israeli, and Russia and the eastern bloc; however, it is important to recognize that while the U.S. is a significant source for certain classes of weapons and ammunition the U.S. is not the primary source for the military grade weapons used by Mexican cartels and illegally armed crime groups in Mexico which account for 50% of all gun murder in Mexico. In fact, the Mexican government itself is reporting that only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S..

Mexico's population is just over 112 million or around a third of ours and has many more gun murderers per year than the U.S.. The primary reason for this is that citizens are unable to stop it because of Mexico's very strict gun control laws. Law abiding citizens in Mexico are just powerless victims unable to provide the necessary counterweight to stop what's happening in that country. 

Mexican criminal organizations have BIG plans for the U.S. in the coming years. They also have mucho experience in conducting operations amongst the poorly armed population in Mexico.

Of course we are all affected by the recent events for when one part of our country suffers, we all suffer. We are one nation. But sweeping federal gun control affecting law abiding citizens in a large nation like ours is going to create many new problems while not solving the ones intended.

It's going to be very expensive to enforce, needlessly turn many otherwise law abiding Americans into criminals (knowingly and unknowingly), divide us further, undermine our Constitutional rights, and not make us safer. But the uber-expensive new federal government war on U.S. gun owners and the Bill of Rights has begun by way of unilateral executive orders.

Read this 2007 study published in the liberal Harvard’s Journal of Public Law and Policy which shows that banning guns doesn't reduce the level of violence or the number of murders and suicides:

Here's the narrative of the study if you don't want to read it in it's entirety:

Here are the FBI 2010 U.S. homicide statistics:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there were 11,068 firearm homicides in the entire country in 2010 from a population of 308,745,538 people.

Though African-Americans comprise only 13.1% of the U.S. population, the number one demographic in the 11,068 murders were gang affiliated African-American males murdering other gang affiliated African-American males.

It doesn't make sense for the government to launch a costly unpopular unconstitutional needless war affecting more than three hundred million U.S. citizens because of a tiny criminal element in an otherwise law abiding relatively small demographic of a much larger law abiding population.

It doesn't make sense for the government to launch a costly unpopular and unconstitutional needless war putting more than three hundred million U.S. citizens at great risk because they are either completely disarmed when the rare deranged perpetrator or illegally armed criminal presents themselves.

It doesn't make sense for the government to launch a costly unpopular and unconstitutional needless war against U.S. citizens who need to protect themselves in bankrupt cities from criminals that will never follow gun laws.

Furthermore, the 2nd amendment has as much to do with a well armed citizenry as a check against government tyranny as it does self-defense.

Rather, the solution presented in this article should be implemented as it is inexpensive, workable, and Constitutional.



Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

The looming effect Obama's secret UN treaties will have on Americans including their 2nd amendment by Dick Morris, a former Clinton Administration White House adviser:

Click The Link Below To Sign The Petition To Stop The U.S. From Signing The UN Arms Trade Treaty:

Political Bullying:

California February 2013 Update: Despite already having some of the nation's strictest gun laws, Democrats in California have just proposed a sweeping list of bills to that include a ban on all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, require all guns to be registered, forbid any ammunition to be purchased without a special permit in California, require confiscation of all registered assault weapons, require liability insurance, etc...

According to the California Gun Attorney, California laws provide harsh penalties for mere possession of some firearms, accessories and ammunition. You can view the California Gun Attorney's list, as of February 2013, here and please read their disclaimers:

Since the California state assembly and state senate are controlled by the Democrats, many of these laws are expected to pass and Democrat Governor Jerry Brown to sign them into law.

This will criminalize millions of current law abiding gun owners if they decide their 2nd amendment rights have been violated by the state of California and simply refuse to comply with the new laws.

Actual criminal perpetrators of crime do not follow gun laws so this legislation will only affect the good citizens of the state.

The new laws will be challenged in the courts all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

In the meantime, it is expected that a great many good citizens of California will likely be imprisoned for long periods of time for, knowingly or unknowingly, failing to comply with Democrat draconian gun control legislation which is already about the strictest in the nation.

Citizens that become aware of the new legislation and comply will see their ability to defend themselves and their families against criminals dramatically reduced.

It should be noted that gun deaths and injuries have sharply dropped in California even as the number of guns sold in the state has risen according to recent state data.

California prisons are past the point of saturation. The state is pushing tens of thousands of prisoners into the jail systems toward early release. They are currently reviewing 1,000 three-strike life sentences to see how many they can release back into society. The primary reason for this is budgetary.... they simply cannot afford to incarcerate so many people.

With gun crime down, despite gun ownership up, and serious budgetary problems to such an extent the state of California can no longer afford to house large numbers of new prisoners at growth rates they have in the past, one wonders why the Democrat controlled state government is so insistent on criminalizing potentially millions of its state's good citizen taxpayers (the vast majority whom have never been in any trouble with the law) on faulty new unconstitutional gun control laws when they already have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and obviously can't afford to expand their sprawling system of incarceration.

The Democrat controlled legislature and Governor are attempting to heap gun control requirements upon the good citizens of California to disarm as many as they can and make paper criminals out of good citizens whom are not in full compliance with the enormous unnecessary bureaucracy the Democratic legislature and Governor are imposing on them.

Here is the massive list of gun control legislation currently before the state legislature, please support and oppose as follows:

California State Legislation:
 Oppose       AB 48                  AMMO SALES RESTRICTIONS
 Support       AB 134                  CCW PRIVACY
 Oppose       AB 169                  LEO EXEMPTION PROHIBITION
 Oppose       AB 170                  ASSAULT WEAPONS 'PERSON' REDEFINITION
 Oppose       AB 174                  REPEAL OF WEAPONS EXEMPTIONS
 Oppose       AB 180                  AMMO SALES TAX
 Oppose       AB 187                  AMMO SALES TAX (duplicate)

 Oppose       AB 231                  GUN-OWNER LIABILITY INSURANCE
 Oppose       AB 232                  TAX CREDIT FOR SURRENDERING FIREARMS
 Oppose       AJR 5                  FED. ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN
 Oppose       SB 47                  ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN
 Oppose       SB 53                  AMMO PURCHASE PERMITS
 Oppose       SB 108                  FIREARMS LENDING/STORAGE RESTRICTIONS

Federal Legislation:
 Oppose       SJR 1                   FED. GUN CONTROL

Keep An Eye On This Legislation:
 Watch       AB 202                  SCHOOL MARSHAL PROGRAM
 Watch       SB 127                  MENTAL HEALTH PROHIBITIONS

Find and contact your state representatives using this form:

We're counting on you, the law abiding citizen, to protect your own 2nd amendment right!

January 2014 Sidenote: On a side note, the Journal of Crime & Delinquency just published research results from a study stating that "Almost half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males are arrested in the United States by the time they are 23 years old" for something other than a minor traffic violation.

We live in a nation that warehouses large numbers of Americans in prison industrial complexes and farms out their labor to corporations to make the state money. Many of them are not there for real crime but rather stumbled over some bureaucratic boundary that used to be legal or a relatively minor legal matter just a few decades ago. The over criminalization of everyday Americans not committing crimes of violence or property has resulted in massive waves of arrests across the country.

Here's an example of a semi-retired moral family all-American gardener who sold a harmless orchid and went to federal prison for it while paying most of his retirement money out in legal defense fees:

For decades, Washington has been adding to the number of federal laws and regulations that carry criminal penalties. Now the number is so high, no one is actually sure how many there are.

Experts say practically anyone could be convicted of some sort of federal crime. And it’s all too easy for anyone to violate one of these laws and never know it. One congressman stated in the CBN article above that, “We have made it dangerous just to be alive in America.”

Adding complexity, state and localities have followed suit placing their own paper criminal burden on everyday Americans.

And the left has been so busy painting everyone as morally blighted that doesn't endorse the sexually immoral behaviors they choose to engage in that they have both abandoned building moral nuclear families in the U.S. and attacked pro-family organizations which are!

The result has been the erosion and rapid decline of morality and the family which, of course, has greatly exacerbated the problem of gangs, drugs, sexual immorality, youth rebellion, etc... and driven up the incarceration of young people. These are the subjects of the study and if this study is accurate: their rate of arrest is astronomical!

According to the FBI, in 2011 there were 3991.1 arrests for every 100,000 people living in America. That means over the course of a single year, one in 25 Americans was arrested.

Congress began an 'Over-criminalization Task Force Hearing' on the problem but nothing seemed to ever come from it so the wave of arrests of moral everyday Americans over issues they shouldn't be arrested for (not to be confused with arresting actual criminals that threaten others and the national interest that should be arrested) continues unhindered and unabated.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Number One Reason Americans Vote For The Democratic Party

Certainly there are many reasons why Americans vote for the Democrat Party; however, the primary and number one objective reason why Americans vote Democrat is:

I. As of January 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that an astounding 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives some form of government benefits.

II. Now we add in all government workers that depend on government for their income. Total employment by industry (including federal, state, and local government employment) can be found at:

As of October 2012, the federal government employs about 2,807,000 people. State governments employ about 5,242,000 people. Local governments employ about 14,344,000 people.

So we need to add another 22,393,000 Americans plus all of their dependents that rely on government.

III. Next let's look at how much money government is pumping into the private sector to get an idea of how beholden the private sector is to government money (both what they collect in taxes but also what they borrow because government spends more than it has to the tune of $1 trillion a year currently):

1. Alan Peters and Peter Fisher (Associate Professors, Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Iowa) estimate that state and local governments provide $40–50 billion annually for corporate welfare.

2. The Cato Institute studies show about $100 billion a year currently is allocated as corporate welfare by the federal government.

3. The U.S. bailouts of Bush and Obama total $11 trillion committed with $3 trillion already spent.

4. There are a material number of private sector businesses and self-employed individuals that profit off government contracts and many other ways besides the above.

Conclusion: It's apparent that the majority of the U.S. population is dependent on government for their money either completely or partially and they primarily vote for the Democratic party because the Democratic party promises to continue giving them government money despite much of what they receive originating from government borrowing and deficit spending rather than actual revenues.

Democratic voters are choosing the path Greece did and choosing it for exactly the same reason. Greece once had a healthy expanding private sector and economy but they greatly expanded government spending, expanded government employment, expanded government employee compensation, expanded welfare, expanded free trade, and raised taxes until their economy simply crashed.

All major credit rating agencies now give the U.S. a NEGATIVE outlook and have downgraded the U.S. credit rating. Further downgrades are expected as the national debt increases due to deficit spending. Eventually, if the U.S. doesn't change the path they are on, the national debt will become so large that the U.S. credit rating will decline dramatically resulting in an inability to continue borrowing to cover the massive deficit spending and the U.S. will resort to high taxation (driving an exodus of revenue generators offshore) and finally straight monetization. Hyper-inflation will occur and the world will drop the dollar as their currency of choice. Foreign creditors will press for repayment. This will have an extremely negative impact on the American people most have yet to comprehend.

And tragically, many modern liberals celebrate this as if it were a good thing arguing that it is inevitable that the U.S. decline and other nations reign supreme. The truth is that it never was inevitable that the U.S. decline to become a 2nd tier nation any more than it was inevitable that Holland and France would lose global dominance to Great Britain during the age of discovery. It is, rather, gross mismanagement and the choices our leaders are making which are resulting in our absolute decline. We certainly could make different choices to retain our lead.

This fantasy the modern liberals espouse that the entire world is coming together to hold hands and sing kumbaya in Marxist harmony is never going to occur. It certainly did not in the 20th century when much of the earth was unified in that worldview and it's not going to in the 21st century.

The countries which are supplanting us have very different political systems which are much more authoritarian and class-based. Individual liberty is going to diminish in the world and classfulness is going to become entrenched in a more world-wide system ruled by elitists that have no intention of sharing any more resources and power than they have to in order to maintain control.

Yet modern liberals celebrate the demise of their nation and what it stands for in the world because it's "fair" in their estimation. Their progeny will feel differently.

This growth we see in China and India isn't so much organic as it is a result of us giving and them taking what we have. We denude ourselves to build them up... them being our competitors.

It's tragic to see our failing public education system producing a belief-system template in our younger population that is deceived to the extent they actively work toward their own decline because for us to lose and them to win is "fair." What great ignorance of history, economics, politics, sociology, psychology, etc... They were taught to lose. They were taught that losing is better than winning.

Yet these same "progressives," champion increasing welfare. Welfare spending has hit a stunning, all-time high becoming the single largest government expense. A new report, prepared by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) reveals that that the government’s means-tested 83 welfare programs jumped from $563 billion in 2008 to $1.03 trillion in 2011 and are rapidly accelerating at a rate that should give any sane American reason to pause.

The 83 federal programs examined by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service included only "means-tested" programs, meaning that their benefits are paid only to households or individuals with incomes at or below federal poverty levels.

They do NOT include programs to assist veterans, or entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare, to which people contribute through payroll deductions or monthly premiums.

They do NOT include the currently estimated $1 trillion through 2022 that government will need to spend on subsidies (e.g. government medical welfare spending) for ObamaCare.

They do NOT consider the enormous liability of simply adding up to 11 million poor illegal aliens to existing welfare programs if current immigration "reform" efforts are successful.

By comparison, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service noted that in 2011, the federal budget expenditure for Social Security was $725 billion, $480 billion for Medicare and $540 billion for non-war related defense programs.
Even without all the new immigration and amnesty designs, the current rate of welfare growth in the U.S. is categorized as unsustainable. That means the rate of deficit spending on welfare growth is so enormous that it will eventually devalue the dollar to the point of catastrophic consequence if it isn't reformed.

Lyndon Johnson's "Freedom from Want" welfare mentality has created a sprawling culture of welfare dependency that didn't exist before in America. It's a fact that if we cut all welfare spending tomorrow, the federal budget would almost be balanced. That's how much we are currently spending on 83 welfare programs.

The author isn't suggesting all welfare spending be ended but rather illustrating that austerity has a place in economic recovery along with trade reform, financial sector reform, reducing red tape on small businesses and start-ups, protecting American invention/innovation, correcting bureaucratic over criminalization on the American people which is creating risk aversion, etc... to increase and protect revenue. Both reducing spending and increasing revenue are desirable.

But the "progressive" wants to levy draconian taxes, which has begun, and greatly increase welfare spending while celebrating America's economic decline as "fair" for the world. That's not a recipe for economic recovery but rather an assurance of eventual U.S. economic collapse.

Some political scientists argue that's what they are after; however, a self-induced economic collapse as a key tactic in the cultural Marxist's "long march."

Sadly, the mainstream corporate media conglomerates have abandoned their role as the "fourth estate" to act as marketing organizations for either the socialist left or the neoconservative right with most aligning with the socialist left.

Both the GOP and the Democrat's economic platforms and political ideologies are flawed to such extent that a prosperous balanced sustainable recovery will never occur from either party in their present state.

There are many undesirable real life consequences to losing. Fixing America (2011) is a road-documentary daring to pick ordinary Americans' brains about America's financial crisis, the disconnect with the political elite, and ultimately collects their thoughts, their emotions and especially their solutions to fix America’s financial problems. Here's the trailer:

The Hoover Institution at Stanford University interviews Stanley Kurtz, a social anthropologist [PhD Harvard] and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the author of 'Radical-in-Chief' a book about Obama's classical Marxist past and the extent the socialist left played in the financial and housing collapse through their community bottom-up activities.

United In Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror Hardcover by Dr. Jamie Glazov

Part 1:
Part 2:

Discover the Networks:

"This website describes the networks and agendas of the political Left. The database is divided into 10 major sections."

Know The Common Propaganda Techniques Used By The Media:

 photo CommonPropagandaTechniquesintheMedia_zps411e03ef.jpg

Friday, November 2, 2012

The U.S. Labor Market and Household Income Continue To Worsen

From 2001 to 2010, U.S. median household income fell from $72,956 to $69,487. Now this is nominal dollars which magnifies the fall in household income for $72,956 in 2001 would be worth $89,996 in 2010 after adjusting for inflation as per the consumer price index (CPI).

The U.S. median household net worth, which is the value of assets minus debt, dropped from $129,582 to $93,150 over the same 10-year period. Again, this is in nominal dollars and $129,582 in 2001 would be $159,848 in 2010 after ajusting for inflation as per the consumer price index (CPI) (1).


The results of the 2011 American Community Survey (ACS), released by the U.S. Census Bureau, show that between 2010 and 2011, inflation-adjusted median household income either fell or stayed the same in every state except Vermont and that the distribution of income became more inequitable (2).

Worse yet, a new 2012 study from Sentier Research shows that U.S. median household income has continued to fall since the "end" of the Great Recession stating, "almost every group is worse off now than it was three years ago" (3).

Also declining were U.S. real wages (4) and the U.S. middle class (5).





One of the social impacts of this has been that the wealthy are increasingly segregating themselves from their less fortunate neighbors as this August, 2012 Pew Reasearch report titled 'The Rise of Residential Segregation by Income' reveals (6).


Job growth for U.S. citizens became scarcer too. Domestic job creation is now well below what is needed even to meet new entrants to the labor market with the labor force participation rate at 63.5%, which is the lowest share of Americans over age 16 in the workforce since September 1981. As the Wall Street Journal stated, "That's going way backward!" (7).


Complicating this dismal domestic labor market are statistics showing that in some areas of the country what domestic job creation there is has been increasingly going to immigrants both legal and illegal. Pew reported that in the second quarter of 2010, American citizens lost more than a million jobs while foreign-born workers gained 656,000 jobs (11). A Center For Immigration Studies (CIS) report showed that of jobs created in Texas since 2007, 81 percent were taken by newly arrived immigrant workers (legal and illegal) (8a).

A November, 2012 CIS report titled 'Who Got Jobs During the Obama Presidency? Native and Immigrant Employment Growth, 2009 to 2012' reveals that, "Since President Obama took office, 67 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal)" (8b).


Despite much of the new job growth now bypassing U.S. natural born citizens, the large influx of immigrants is one of the reasons (in addition to high U6 unemployment, a decrease in real wages, the nation's broken trade paradigm, failure to protect intellectual property and trade secrets from foreign nations to wield for an economic domestic competitive advantage, etc...) for the dramatically increased size of the nation’s low-income population, (9) their resulting dependence on welfare, (10) and their growing reliance on unreported untaxed income (11).




In the past, the U.S. simply absorbed the influx of foreign immigrants because U.S. businesses were booming and U.S. businesses used domestic labor almost exclusively. Free trade has changed that and now we simply don't have the jobs anymore. With demand for labor way way down and the supply of labor way way up, compensation for labor has also fallen. So there are fewer jobs and lower compensation and they are increasingly going to immigrants (both legal and illegal) who are creating immigrant networks that almost always hire other immigrants.

Except for the holiday Q4 temporary turn-around that occurs each year, all of these problems are getting worse over time not better.

Charitable donations have been seriously impacted (12), suicide rates are up (13), and the number of people who have fallen at least 12 months behind in student loan payments has risen by about a third over the last five years. Nearly one in every six borrowers with a student loan balance is currently in default (14).




Furthermore, the U.S. deficit for 2012 is the highest on record (after the supposed end of the Great Recession) at $1.327 trillion usd (15) and inflation is occurring.

Note that U.S. military spending for 2011 is the highest on record (after the end of the Iraq War) at almost $712 billion usd (16) though the Office of Management and Budget (17) revealed that U.S. military spending for 2012 decreased a few billion dollars to almost $706 billion from its high of almost $712 billion in 2011. It should be noted; however, that the Obama administration has predicted in the 'President's Budget' that U.S. military spending overall will rise again in 2013 and 2014 primarily due to defense-related debt interest. Wikipedia explains 2012 military expenditures in layperson's terms (18).





Finally, primarily due to the state's enormous population, it's said that "as California goes: there goes the nation."

From the mid-1980s to 2005, California's population grew by 10 million, while Medicaid recipients soared by seven million; tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000; and the prison population swelled by 115,000 (19).


But it is the next couple of decades that will see the absolute decline of the U.S. economy in the world according to a recent Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report which states:

"On the basis of 2005 purchasing power parities (PPPs), China is projected to surpass the Euro Area in a year or so and the United States in a few more years, to become the largest economy in the world, and India is projected to surpass Japan in the next year or two and the Euro area in about 20 years" (20).



David Sington's documentary THE FLAW takes an in-depth look at how the credit bubble hastened the economic crash and is a documentary about the causes of the financial crisis, directed by David Sington, which splices the thoughts of economists such as Robert Shiller and Joseph Stiglitz with the testimony of participants in the housing market and some entertaining cartoons and archive clips. It takes its title from the testimony of Alan Greenspan to Congress in which he admitted to a flaw in his reasoning.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wiki Leaks Details Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations

Thanks to leaked documents, we now know some of the undesirable details of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations being conducted away from the public arena and most don't pertain to trade!

Rather, TPP would impose a system of binding global governance over our federal and state laws and courts. We would be obliged to conform our domestic policies on land use, food safety, financial regulation, foreign ownership, patents and copyright, and more to TPP's terms.

Failure to do so would result in trade sanctions and/or obligations to compensate foreign firms with our tax dollars - penalties imposed by foreign tribunals. We now know the following:

• Offshoring Incentives: TPP has the investor protections also found in NAFTA that help corporations offshore jobs by removing many of the risks associated with relocating to low-wage nations. The U.S. has lost more than 5 million (1 out of 4) of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA and the global WTO went into effect. This will mean a loss of many more American jobs.

• Ban on "Buy American": Any firm operating in a TPP signatory nation would get privileged access to U.S. procurement contracts paid with our tax dollars! TPP would send our taxpayer money offshore, rather than recycling it here to create American jobs. "Buy American" would be penalized if not made outright criminal.

• U.S. Submitted to Jurisdiction of Foreign Tribunals: TPP would expand the notorious "investor-state" system, subjecting the U.S. to the jurisdiction of World Bank and U.N. tribunals. The tribunals would be empowered to order payment of our tax dollars to foreign corporations operating within the U.S. if they object to complying with the same laws that apply to U.S. firms.

• More Financial Instability: TPP would forbid bans on risky financial products or services while making measures to reduce systemic risk, such as capital controls, illegal.

• Higher Medicine Prices: Big PhRMA would get new privileges to raise drug prices.


TPP secrets: Obama covertly handing more power to corporations

Interestingly, New Scientist published a study conducted by a trio of complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich which combined the mathematics long used to model natural systems with comprehensive corporate data to map ownership among the world's transnational corporations (TNCs).

What they discovered analyzing the relationships between the 43,000 largest transnational corporations on earth was that 147 organizations, mainly banks, wielded a disproportionate power over the global economy.

Forbes explained the size of these 147 companies is simply a reflection of the way most people invest in the public markets; however, allowing the world financial system to be dominated by a relatively few firms is obvious: when they go broke they take everyone else with them, as we have already witnessed.

Another problem is that they wield enormous power over governments and can end up dictating and oppressing the populations and small businesses (e.g. their competitors) of entire nations effectively becoming the "iron hand in the velvet glove" over not only our jobs, income, and property but also our government, rule of law, etc...

It is by leveraging our own government, that they have created a trade and business paradigm by which they displace our U.S. middle class into the ranks of the poor acquiring their income, wealth, and property in the process. The TPP is simply the next logical step for them to take.

It should also be noted that the Commerce Clause of our Constitution is an enumerated power listed in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 which states that the United States Congress shall have power "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes."

Obama is currently "freelancing" the executive branch to push through a secret treaty to regulate commerce in the United States that allows for foreign corporations operating in the US to appeal regulations to an international tribunal that could over rule American laws. This is a secret backdoor strategy and it's completely out of line.

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2. Enter your zip code at the Electronic Frontier Foundation to tell your representatives you want "to bring transparency to the TPPs agreement and ensure that the TPP text reflects the interests of all U.S. industries and citizens."